Volunteer at the 2016 School Games National Finals!

The 2016 School Games National Finals (1st September – 4th September) is being supported by over 400 volunteers in a variety of different roles ranging from Athlete Village Leaders to Sport Team Attaches!

This year, over 80% of volunteers will be under the age of 25, we will have the most inclusive event yet and the range of opportunities available for volunteers to access continues to grow!

The schedule includes educational workshops about the power of volunteering, which will bring to life some of the openings this can expose individuals to and showcase other national opportunities to volunteer.

There is also an exclusive Volunteer Celebration event for all school games volunteers on the evening of 3rd September. We will be recognising the stand out individuals through awards, provide guest speakers and entertainment.

With 12 sports in action through the duration of the games including: Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Hockey, Judo, Rugby Sevens, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis this is a unique opportunity to be part of an event that nurtures superstars of the future.

Check out a small flavour of what the event is all about in the video on the right hand side!

Being involved in a major multi-sport event is an invaluable experience for the athletes, coaches, officials and the volunteers. Here is what a young volunteer had to say after the event last year:

‘’ I was able to make new friends that had the same interests as me and was able to share with them ideas about sports, volunteering and exchange tips, to make us better leaders and push us to our maximum.’’ – Young Volunteer (2015 School Games Finals)

Recruitment has officially closed for 2016, however if you would like to put your name down for 2017 let us know at enquiries@schoolgames.org.uk.