Running from the 31 August- 3 September and held at Loughborough University, the Talent Inspiration Programme (TIP), brings together 300 young aspiring county and regional level athletes from across the country to participate in both residential and non-residential learning experiences.

With young people at the heart of the programme, the activities are specifically designed to engage and inspire aspiring young athletes and encourage them to start thinking about how they can reach their sporting potential and the impact that will have on their development as a young person.

Throughout the programme experienced Athlete Mentors bring to life the world of an elite athlete and the journey it takes to reach the top. Athletes have the opportunity to get involved in  workshops, put their performances to the test and an opportunity to experience what it is like at a multi-sport event, creating what will be a dynamic learning opportunity which will help to highlight the talent pathways available and support required for young people at a local level to reach the Games.

TIP athletes will:

  • Participate in stimulating and engaging workshops
  • Hear the personal journeys of elite Olympic, Paralympic and International Athletes
  • Understand the physical commitment required to be the best
  • Experience what it is like to be at a multi sport event
  • Action plan to reach their sporting potential
  • Understand what it means to be a TIP Champion and the impact they can have at school

It is not just the TIP Athletes who receive support. During the final day of the event, parents of the young people will be invited to participate in a Performance Parent workshop specifically designed to highlight the learning from across the three-days and showcase the role the parents can play in supporting their child, as well as the support and guidance they need to continue to develop.

Find out about the Youth Sport Trust Performance Parent support here.