Performance Parent

Developed in conjunction with Loughborough University and delivered by senior Youth Sport Trust staff this workshop is designed to support parents of high performing young athletes, not only providing plenty of practical advice and useful tips, but also allowing you to explore common issues and compare solutions with fellow parents. Behind every successful talented child achieving their dream there is a Performance Parent in the background playing their part.

The workshop is split into 5 key parts:

  1. Parents’ Roles and Involvement During Adolescence
  2. What is Supportive Parenting
  3. Parental Stressors and Challenges
  4. Athletes Perceptions of Desirable and Undesirable Parental Behavior During Competition
  5. Ten Top Take Home Tips

To book your place on a Performance Parent workshop please follow one of the links below.

Friday 2nd September – 3:00pm

Friday 2nd September – 7:30pm

Saturday 3rd September – 1:00pm

Saturday 3rd September – 7:00pm